It’s Always About You

Make no mistake, it’s all about you. Everything is up to you. You are responsible for your life, don’t place the blame on anyone else. You are responsible for your actions and reactions – no one can make you act a certain way unless you give them the power to. You are responsible for your successes and failures, not some outside force. You are more powerful than you think. You are the center of your universe. You can create the life you want if you focus on yourself and your dreams. This power is already inside of you, all you need to do is harness it and make it work for you. But do you know how to?

all-about-You-its-all-about-you-25000375-314-314Here’s what I’ve learned. First, I talk to Jekeh and the Universe daily. I thank them, I ask them to protect the people I love, and I also ask for things I want or need. The most important thing to adopt in your life is an attitude of gratitude, be thankful for what you have instead of focusing on what you’re lacking. The reason is simple – if you are thankful you will feel peace, gratitude, and contentment. If you are focusing on what you don’t have, you will feel envy, depression, and even anger.

Second, express your love daily to your family, friends, and pets with words, touch, and positive thoughts. When this love exudes out of you, it touches everything around you and you will get it back tenfold. Never waste an opportunity to perform an act of kindness – something as small as a smile can change someone’s day. Having love in your heart brings you not just more love but more serenity. Life is much easier when you feel loved and supported, and sharing that love makes the world a better place.

Third, ask for what you want and need. Be reasonable and be specific. Obviously saying “I want to be rich” is not reasonable or specific. The Universe can interpret that in a myriad of ways – you want to be rich in what? Rainbows? Cats? So, make sure you are very specific in what you’re asking and keep in mind that you will have to take some action to help your dreams come true. Make a list or a vision board, anything that will clarify your request. Your dream may not come true for a long time but if you are persistent and work at it, it will happen. I’ve found that anytime I ask for something I need, the response is immediate and right on time. If I’m working towards a dream it takes longer, for example it took me 12 years to find my soulmate/twin flame and 5 years to make my dream of quitting my day job and support myself creatively happen. Stay positive, don’t get discouraged, and trust.

what-if-you-realized-how-powerful-you-really-are1  You are the co-creator of your life. Your guide and angels are there to help you. Your path is God’s path – he is co-creating it with you because you are a part of him. Nothing is separate or finite. Abundance is infinite. The only restrictions are in your mind and in your insecurities. Trust, believe, and tap into your power to create the abundant life you want and deserve. It’s all up to you.