Setting Intentions

The secret to setting an intention, repeating a mantra, or doing a ritual is belief.

The words repeated in a mantra won’t make a difference unless they’re coming from your heart and you truly mean every word.

Setting an intention won’t work unless you truly believe that it will and are willing to do the work to bring it to fruition.

Doing a ritual is pointless unless you are 100% focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

In other words, to make your dreams come true you have to focus on them, do the work, and know in your heart that you are going to achieve it.

The other part is being mindful of your thoughts throughout the day. If you start your day with a mindful mantra but the rest of the day your thoughts are negative towards your goal such as – “Yeah right, easier said than done!”, “There’s no way I’ll ever make that much money”, “If only I was that smart, or that pretty” – you get the idea. If your thoughts are self-defeating then you’re saying a very loud “NO” to your dreams. You must be mindful of your thinking. Correct any negative thoughts by turning them into a positive or just be neutral and do your work.

Breaking negative thought patterns will open you up to more positivity and grateful thinking which will bring forth what you desire much quicker than you expect. All it takes is mindfulness, practice, and perseverance.