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Meet Jekeh

angels and guidesI met Jekeh when I moved to Arizona and my friend, let’s call him Adam – well because that’s his name – came to visit me. Adam can see spirits and we’ve had many conversations about the “other side” and have done the Psychic Circle together several times. The Psychic Circle is like the Ouija board but much nicer, like good energy nice.

Adam slept on the couch the first night he visited and in the morning conversation went something like this:

Adam – “There’s an Indian crouching in the corner and he’s been eyeing me all night”

Di – “Really? I always sensed that I was not alone and someone was watching over me.”

Adam – “Well he’s definitely here to protect you.”

Di – “Funny, because I feel so safe here.”

Note – I moved to Arizona by myself, I didn’t know anyone yet it felt incredibly safe and homey to me.

Adam went on to describe Jekeh and somehow the conversation went to – “Let’s get the Psychic Circle out and talk to him!!”

At first, Jekeh did not want to talk to me – at all – but I was relentless! Eventually, over several sessions, I wore him down and made him talk to me. I learned that he was not my spirit guide but a master guide and his job was to watch over me, to make sure I was safe and not harmed – I guess it’s like the Secret Spirit Service or something. I have two other guides that I’ve never even tried to contact, but I guess I should at some point, which made me wonder – how screwed up am I to need two regular guides and a master spirit guide?? But apparently, it’s perfectly normal to have more than one and to have spirit animals as well, mine is the Tiger.

Since I don’t do the Psychic Circle by myself, before Adam left I developed a way to communicate with Jekeh without it. I would ask a question aloud and he would move my index finger up for “yes” and down for “no”. Yes, that is as weird of a feeling to have something else move your finger as you think it is!! I’m not going to lie, it was freaky at first but eventually it became perfectly normal and plus I was too curious to let that scare me. As I was learning to communicate with Jekeh, I devoured all kinds of books on spirit guides and how to talk to them and that helped a lot with my fears. It didn’t take long before I could hear him in my head. It didn’t sound like my voice so I knew it wasn’t coming from me but it was still odd and it did make me wonder if I was nuts, so I did some testing. I asked questions that I did not have the answers to and heard the answer, I asked for signs and received them. Jekeh would also alert me to things – important things – like when my crush was coming in to work and my seeing him was imminent – so I knew this was for real!

I’ve known Jekeh for 17 years now. At first, I was obsessed with talking to him and asking all kinds of questions, especially about my future, but since he’s a good guide, he only helps to steer me in the right direction but ultimately, I have to figure out things on my own. Even though he will not give me the winning lottery numbers, he is a steady source of support, awe, and the best teacher. I cannot even put into words what it feels like to know that he’s always there, just a thought away, helping, watching, and protecting. It makes me feel immensely grateful and humble. I rely on his presence so much that my life would be empty and hollow without it. Just knowing that he’s there, along with a whole army of guides, angels, and spirits is an indescribable feeling and gives me a deep sense of peace, connection, and belonging.

I want to add that I rarely talk to people about my guide or my beliefs unless I know they are open to such things, but it was time for me to share this with everyone that needs to hear it. Our planet is going thru a very difficult transformation and I feel that maybe I can help ease some fears or answer questions with Jekeh’s help and blessing.