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What to Focus on Right Now

This is a channeled message from Spirit on how to move forward in the coming months. As we all know the world is in a new tumultuous place and many people are having a hard time coping with all the events and changes going on around them. Spirit acknowledges that the months ahead will be difficult, but they can also be incredibly enlightening and powerful. All these events are designed for us to dismantle what’s not working in our lives and build a future we can thrive in – both as individuals and as a society. These events are designed to empower ourselves, not to give our power away and to let someone “save” us.

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The main premise of their message is to focus on what matters, and that is and has always been love. What to let go of is fear and any fear based thoughts, people, events, groups, etc. It’s time to put our faith and trust on love and not so much on fear. I realize this is very difficult for most people because our society has been operating on fear for centuries, but we are entering a new phase of our evolution where fear based thinking and actions have no place and will therefore not be allowed. Below is their message verbatim.

Love Is All that matters- all the time, every time, every day. Be in a place of love, open your heart up to love, be love, show love, embrace love, let love in from all sides, from all directions, from all people, from all beings. Your heart must be open, your heart must be compassionate, your heart must be open even to those that it’s closed. If you want to truly help the planet, think love and be love everyday, all the time, every moment. Do not waste a single moment doing and thinking things are not of love.

It’s time to let go of the fear, to let of the dividedness, It’s time to let go of the need to be right, it’s time to let go of differences because truly there are no differences. All of you are light beings, all of you are beings of love, all of you belong to the light, all of you do – even the ones that you deem to be the darkest are not. They are beings of light acting in a dark manner but inside there is a light, and that light belongs to the greater light, and all the lights together make up the biggest light that is known as Source. Therefore, do not look upon each other as light or dark, good or bad, just look at each other as love, because that is what you are, that is what you have always been, and that is what you will return to once you leave your earthly body.

You’re heading into rough waters, remember to keep love at the forefront of all your thoughts and all your emotions. Do not let the fear creep in, do not let the hate creep in, do not let the divisiveness make you forget who you are. You are light, you are love always and forever, that’s who you are, that’s who you have always been, and that’s what you will always be.

The message is simple yet incredibly difficult to achieve in these extremely charged times, but if you focus on you and what you love – family, hobby, work, pets, friends – and spend more time being with people that you love and give you love or working on what you truly love to do, then the energy of the planet changes and we move into a more love based reality. It’s literally that simple and that difficult. This is not to say that we allow hate or dismiss it, but rather we observe and act without letting negative, hateful emotions consume us. We must act in love even as we rebuke hate, violence, and abuse. We also have to be willing to let go – everyone is acting on free will and it’s not our job to try to change others because change starts within a person.

Make changes in your life that bring more positivity into your life – love yourself, make your space inviting and beautiful, spend time in nature or meditation, surrounds yourself with beauty, spend time with loving family and friends, cherish the moments with your beloved pet, create from the heart, gift the world with messages of love and beauty. Remember who you are – love and light, always and forever.