Intuition, Spirituality

Innie or Outtie?

Our society is fixed on looks, on seeing the outer shell of a person – what they wear, what color their skin is, how their hair is styled, what kind of car they drive, what shoes they are wearing, etc. But what does that actually tell you about the person you’re looking at? Absolutely nothing.

You can look at a person that is well put together – nice dress shirt, slacks, tie, polished shoes- and think that they have their life together and are moderately successful, when in reality they are surviving on credit cards and ramen noodles. You can also look at a middle-aged guy wearing loafers and old shorts, with a scruffy beard and hat, driving an old jeep and think he has nothing, when actually he’s a multi-millionaire and owns half the town. When I owned a restaurant years ago I met the millionaire that we were renting our restaurant space from, and he was the middle-aged guy. You would have never guessed his financial status based on his looks, but I knew a couple of things when I met him – he was kind, he was humble, and he was exceedingly intelligent. I didn’t deduce this from his looks, I construed it from looking into his eyes, having a conversation, and feeling his energy.

For most people, when you meet someone new you know almost immediately whether you like them enough to pursue a friendship or not. Why is that? You are feeling their energy. It’s intangible, you can’t see it, but it’s also very real and absolutely trustworthy. Once you’re talking to them, note how your body reacts. Are you leaning in towards them or do you find yourself stepping back or turning away? That’s also very telling. They may be saying the right words but are they resonating with you? If not, your body will let you know and you should listen!!


The world around us is changing and it’s time to look at what’s around you with new eyes – with your inner eye. Feel the energy around you, pay attention to how your body reacts, listen to the words or images that come to you – they will help you, keep you safe, and help you discern truth from deception. With all that is going on in our society right now, it is crucial that we discard the packaging and look at what’s actually in the box. Don’t let the outside appearance fool you, it might cost you more than you think. Be an innie, not an outtie.

~ On a personal note, if you are going to be out protesting this weekend, please be extremely careful and listen to your intuition – blessings ~