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Colors of Life

Look at the world around you, do you see all the colors? Do you see the different shapes and sizes? Can you imagine how visually boring our world would be if everything was monochrome? Or black and white?

The animal kingdom has all kinds of animals from the smallest insect to giants like whales. The live in all kinds of environments, some have fur, some have scales. Some you can pet and have in a house, and some are too wild or dangerous to be kept indoors. Each one of them is fascinating, living their life according to nature’s laws, and adding richness and texture to our world.


Same goes for the plant kingdom. Most plants have some green on them but that’s where the similarities end. Our world is populated with giant trees and prickly cactus. Flowers bloom in all sorts of glorious colors and designs. Verdant grass carpets mountains and russet leaves soften the forest floors. All of it is magnificent and stirs the soul.


Our physical world is diverse. Diversity is interesting, it is beautiful, unique, it sparks curiosity, it engages our senses, it makes you want to learn more, it makes life stimulating and thought-provoking…

Why would you think humanity would be any different?