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The eclipse gave me lemons…. but it also told me how to make lemonade. A while back I explained how the universe talks to us in the “Are you talking to me?” post, and I received my message loud and clear. Let me explain – the week before the solar eclipse on August 21st I felt very restless, a bit angry, and I kept hearing the word “fight, fight, fight.” This was very confusing to me because I’m normally a calm, positive person and I just couldn’t figure out what the universe wanted me to “fight”.

Well it all became very clear on August 24th when my husband ended up in the ER and was diagnosed with cancer. The news was unexpected and overwhelming. My husband is a very active, always smiling, full of life person who has more energy than anyone I know – certainly more energy than me! He’s hardly ever sick so this was a complete shock. In my disbelief and grief, I had to face my fear of losing him – by then he had lost over 20 pounds and didn’t even resemble himself anymore, but then I remembered the word I heard…and my grief was transformed into a battle cry – fight! My tears were replaced by anger, my grief to resolution, and my sadness into a plan of action.


When I had to tell my husband the news after his exploratory surgery, I told him to emblazon one word in his mind – fight! And that’s what we’re doing, we are fighting every day and you know what, cancer is not so scary anymore. By taking it head on, understanding it, and telling the universe our plan for it, we are stronger, we are more resolved than ever, and we are united in our fight. Our life has changed in some respects. It now revolves around doctor appointments, chemo, radiation, eating right, clean environment, and medications. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to each other, and the belief that if we fight, we will win. I have no doubt that he will beat this and be ok in the end. This is just a moment in our lives together, four months of living life differently and learning the lesson that comes along with it. So far we’ve learned that we’re surrounded by love – so many people have reached out with prayers, support, and love and we’ve humbled by it. We’ve learned that there is much caring and kindness around us – the doctors and nurses at the hospital were amazing and went above and beyond to make him comfortable and feel taken care of. We’ve made friends that are on the same journey we are and together we are learning how to deal with this new, unknow territory, while giving each other support and love.

I often wonder how I would have handled this if the universe hadn’t “talked” to me and given me the word that I needed to hear…I know that I am beyond grateful that they talk to me and I’ve learned how to listen. Because of this, I have no fear – only complete trust and faith. I am blessed to be able to talk to my guide and hear spirit talking to me but you know what? So are you….