Surprise! It’s a Pandemic…

I had to take a little time out to reflect, release, and heal myself but now we are in the middle of a one of a kind, worldwide event that is upending our way of living and bringing up all sorts of feelings. With the help of my guides, I’ll try to offer some insight and words of encouragement. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. I do not have all the answers, and frankly you should always use your own discernment not matter who you follow, read, or listen to.

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Just for the record I did not know this was coming – I was given no heads up at all! The only thing I was told is that there was a “surprise” coming…well…Surprise!! It’s a pandemic!! Spirit sometimes has a twisted sense of humor…but as the days have gone by and things become more and more uncertain, there’s a certain freedom in it. I know some of you may find this a strange thing to say, especially since everyone is worrying about jobs, money, survival – myself included – but I am enjoying having the TIME to figure out exactly what it is that I want or want to do and not being pressured to hurry in making this decision. I’m especially loving the lack of time constraint – I have nowhere to go, nothing to rush to, and I can get up or stay up as late as I want. I have plenty of food and plenty to do and be grateful for. I am learning and becoming more used to “living in the moment” every day, and it feels good because I don’t need to worry about tomorrow, or long for the past, all I have to do is be present in this moment and let that shape my day. For example, I’ve been thinking for weeks of writing in the blog again and right now, this moment was the time that I had the urge to do it and I followed that urge. I could have done it weeks ago, but I didn’t want to force it. This is also known as being in the FLOW and letting things come to you instead of forcing anything…and that is a whole new way of being.

I think that is the point of all this. To examine our way of living, going within and figuring out exactly what we want, who we are, and who we want to be. It’s a much-needed pause and reset because our chaotic way of living is destructive to our well-being and to the planet. It’s presenting us a new way of living that we should perhaps consider. It’s a slowing down, taking the time to be with our loved ones, and going back to perhaps our dreams instead of doing what we “have to” do. Maybe it’s time to live out our dreams instead of being enslaved to the demands of society.

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We are at the point of creation. Sure we can go back to the way things were, but is that what is best for us and for our planet? Do we want to go back to endless wars, famine, hate, the rat race, worry, jobs that we dislike, fear…or do we want to move forward in a different way? The choice is up to us. Right now, we may want thing to go back to “normal” as soon as possible, but maybe the longer we stay home, we might see a new reality forming and realizing that we enjoy this way of being more…

Stay open, stay positive, be strong, be kind, and have faith…this too shall pass ❤

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