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I’m Diana, Di for short, and Jekeh (pronounced Jake or something similar) is my spirit guide. I’m here to share what I’ve learned from him thru the years, and what I’m still learning from all the other guides, angels, and beings around me. I am clairaudient, claircognizant, and I have a slight addiction to Tarot cards 😉 I invite you to follow my conversations with Spirit and hear their guidance. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest  ❤


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End of Times or A Brave New World?

There’s a lot of talk, speculation, and theories floating around about these times and in particular this year 2020. There’s also a lot of fear, chaos, confusion, and unforeseen events that make it seem like this could indeed be the end of the world and humanity…but is it? Are we really on the verge of a mass extinction and the doom of our planet or are we surging ahead in a new way?

First let’s look at 2020 and all that it has taught us or attempted to teach us. We’ve had an unexpected year and we’ve had to adapt, be resilient, resourceful, and go with the flow. We have suffered, lost, and hurt. We have watched our world burn, flood, tremble. We have witnessed unrest, violence, chaos…and all of this has or is teaching us to be strong, self-reliant, flexible, and think of what is best for all of us. It is the death of the ego, the death of “I” in favor of “We”, because the only way we will survive the rest of 2020 and beyond is if we band together, we see beyond the differences, we agree to disagree, and we live and let live.

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These tumultuous times are meant to empower us. Not empower in the sense of having power over others, but to empower ourselves – meaning that we are not victims, we are not powerless, we do not have to accept any system as it currently stands that divides people by any means. The old ways of being are dying. The old systems are changing to better suit this new way of being we are entering. This is the turning point, the moment change starts, and that’s why it’s so painful and chaotic.

So yes, it will be a brave new world. Brave because it takes courage to move into the unknown, leave what’s familiar behind, and accept the changes that are coming. New world because it will be so different from the past in every way. This is a new era, a new beginning, a new way of living life that once it goes thru the painful birth will bring unity, love, happiness, and fulfillment like we’ve never experienced before. This process will take many years but it has already started. Of course, you are free to resist but just understand that it will be painful and hard for you if you do – as always, the choice is yours.

In the words of my guides: “Change is coming. Everything will change. The Earth will be unrecognizable to most. Old beliefs will fall, paradigms will shift. The ancient way of being is the right way of being. People will change. People will die, and the people left will know how to rise – rise up for each other, rise up for the planet, stop the abuse, stop the death – for the Earth is also rising and she will be re-born.”

* When WE think of WE, all the ME are taken care of * Brave New World indeed.

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